Friday, October 31, 2008

Exciting new releases...

Just in Forsyth
Voting day is coming...
Do not forget to vote and Makers Mark Bourbon is reminding you with their patriotic bottle of this good old American Whisky in the liter bottle.

Also just in stock at Forsyth...
Amazing price on a mature Cabernet
1999 Robert Mondavi Cabernet RESERVE...$44.99
"An enormously complex and sophisticated wine that combines great flavors with uncommon finesse. Dark, sleek, rich and polished, with a delicious core of concentrated cola, currant, plum and blackberry. Tremendous finish. Best from 2004 through 2014. 20,000 cases made. –JL"
--Rated 94/100 The Wine Spectator
Compare to the..
2004 Robert Mondavi Cabernet RESERVE...$112.99

Also very small amounts in stock at Forsyth...
2006 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Russian River....$64.99
2006 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast...$64.99

2007 Lewis Chardonnay Russian River...$45.99
"This opulent, full-bodied Chardonnay delivers amazing richness, focus, complexity and range of flavor. Concentrated pear, fig and citrus notes have a nice smoky, toasty oak overlay. The finish is bold and complex, with touches of butterscotch. Drink now through 2011. From California.—J.L."

-- 95/100 The Wine Spectator

2006 Lewis Cabernet Sauvignon...$79.99
Powerful, ripe, fleshy and full-bodied, with rich, intense smoky currant, blackberry and black cherry fruit that's still chunky and rustic, yet well-focused and structured. Needs time. Best from 2010 through 2017. 1,100 cases made. –JL
Rated 93/100 The Wine Spectator

2006 Lewis Alec's Blend...$57.99

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saison-Brett - Smokestack

Sold Out!

Boulevard Smokestack Series
Saison-Brett...$11.99 / 750ml

"Commercial Description: Unofficially known as The "George Brett" - a reference given at the Ommegang BCTC festival in 2006. George Brett is a baseball Hall of Famer who played in Kansas City, Boulevard's hometown, and the festival is held in the same town as the MLB HOF, hence the mildly humorous play on words."
Rated 98/100 percentile on
Rated "A-" Excellent on
Very limited--this is the highest rated beer from Boulevard
This is one of the best beers made in Missouri and it is a very limited production. Make sure you get some bottles in your beer cellar because this will improve in the bottle.

(only 12,000 bottles made and each one numbered)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lion and Amarcord Breweries

Lion Brewery from Sri Lanka
Lion Stout...$9.99 / 6pk

"Commercial Description:The 8.0 per cent abv, bottle conditioned beer is brewed from British, Czech and Danish malts with Syrian hops and an English yeast strain. All the ingredients are transported along precarious roads to the brewery located 3,500 feet above sea level."
Rated 96 by

Lion Imperial Lager...$9.99 6pk
8% ABV
"Lion Imperial Lager from Sri Lanka is specially brewed to acheive it's high alcohol content. The finest natural ingredients deliver a rich, smooth taste and refereshment. Enjoy it's bite." -- brewery

Lion Lager...$9.99 / 6pk
"We've been brewing Lion Lager in Sri Lanka since 1881. Lion Lager is made from the very best ingredients - it's malty, refreshing, and natural tasting. This is a beer of character for people of character. " -- brewery

Amarcord Brewery from Italy
Amarcord La Tabachera...$5.79 / pint
"Amarcord Double Brown Ale is a designer beer created for real ale aficionados! It is characterized by the amber-colour of traditional ale and by the distinctive flavour obtained from the use of select premium malts. 10.0% Alc. Vol."-- Brewery

Amarcord Prima Donna...$9.39 / 6pk
"Prima Donna Special Lager is a classic lager noted for its unique aroma and its unsurpassed hoppy flavour. It is characterized by a brillant golden color, a compact head, and its fresh, thirst-quenching qualities. 4.7% Alc. Vol" -- brewery

La Mi Dona...$5.79 / pint
"Amarcord Double Pale Ale is a unique, intensely flavoured, pale, top-fermented beer. It is characterized by golden nuances, a compact head and a satisfyingly rich finish. 6.0% Alc. Vol." -- brewery

La Putena...$5.79 / pint
"Amarcord Double Red Ale is a unique, intensely flavoured brown ale. It is characterized by a rich bland of complex Spring malt with mellow Saaz hops.6.5% Alc. Vol." -- brewery

Goose Island--

In stock now at Forsyth!

2008 is here...
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout...$17.99 /4pk
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout...$4.99 /12oz btl
(the price went up a little, but we decided to keep the price the same as last year)

"I really wanted to do something special for our 1000th batch at the original brewpub. Goose Island could have thrown a party. But we did something better. We brewed a beer. A really big batch of stout—so big, the malt was coming out of the top of the mash tun. After fermentation, we brought in some bourbon barrels that aged the stout. One hundred days later, Bourbon County Stout was born. A liquid as dark and dense as a black hole with thick foam the color of a bourbon barrel. The nose is an intense mix of charred oak, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and smoke. One sip has more flavor than your average case of beer. It overpowers anything in the room. People have even said it's a great cigar beer. But I have yet to try a cigar that can stand up." --Greg Hall, Brewmaster

Rated 100 on
Rated "A" on (455 reviews)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bell's big release time!!

In stock now at Forsyth, Rock Hill, and Provisions

Bell's Expedition Stout...$15.49 / 6pk
"The darkest beer we make; this Imperial stout contains double the malt and five times the hops of our Kalamazoo stout and is perfect for cellaring as its complex character will evolve over time." -- brewery
Rated 100 percentile on

Bell's Third Coast Old Ale...$13.99 / 6pk
"A barley wine with deep amber color, the brandy of ales. This beer has vintage character and will mature in the bottle at cellar temperature for years." -- brewery
Rated 99 percentile on

Bell's Cherry Stout...$13.99 / 6pk
"A rich and powerful beer with tart cherry appeal, make this a fine stout." -- brewery
Original Gravity: 1.082
Alc. by Vol.: 7.0%

Bell's Double Cream Stout...$10.99 / 6pk
"Sweeter and smoother than Kalamazoo Stout. A beer for special winter occasions. Great with chocolate desserts." -- brewery
Original Gravity: 1.075
Alc. by Vol.: 6.1%

Bell's Winter White...$9.39 / 6pk
A Wheat Ale brewed with American Wheat and a proprietary blend of Hefe and classic Belgian-style yeasts. A refreshing winter alternative created from the subtle fusion of two classic flavors." -- brewery

Also just in...

Samuel Smith Winter Warmer Vintage 2008/2009
$9.39 / 4pk
$3.99 / pint
"Throughout history, beer of somewhat higher alcohol and richness has been enjoyed for the winter holidays, when old friends get together to enjoy the season. Wassail, a festival to celebrate winter and the beer that goes with it, predates the Christian era. Winter Welcome is vintage-dated with a special label each year. Serve in a traditional tankard for the holidays.
Honey-amber-colored, creamy head of small bubbles, floral aroma and delicious malt flavor with great finesse." -- importer

Friday, October 24, 2008

Colorado winter beer seasonals! - limited

Great Divide Hibernation Ale...$8.19 / 6pk
"Great Divide’s award-winning Hibernation Ale is Colorado’s original strong ale – it has been our winter seasonal each year since 1995. Since that time, Hibernation has become the most sought-after winter beer in Colorado. Hibernation’s massive flavors are so intense that it requires over three months of aging each year. Each summer, while our brewers are still spending their weekends in flip-flops and shorts, they prepare for July’s Hibernation brewing schedule.
We cellar Hibernation until late October, when it reaches the peak of perfection. This lengthy aging process gives Hibernation its revered malty richness, complex hop profile and hearty warming character, which is perfect right out of the bottle or cellared for longer periods of time. Hibernation is a lively treat that really beats the winter chill. This scrumptious, collectible, and imminently cellarable ale is only available for six weeks each year, from November 1 to December 15. Hibernation Ale is the perfect gift or accompaniment to your winter festivities." -- Great Divide

New Belgium 2 Below Winter Ale...$7.69 / 6pk
(Fort Collins)
"Pull on your wool socks and crack open a 2 Below Ale. This tasty winter warmer started life as a small batch beer brewed for the Al Johnson Uphill Downhill – a telemark ski race in Crested Butte, Colorado. The Uphill Downhill celebrates the exploits of Al Johnson, letter carrier extraordinaire, who delivered mail by ski in the late 1800’s. Dry hopping during fermentation creates a floral nose with a hint of pepper and spicy, subtle undertones. 2 Below provides a bright, hoppy palate and a cheery warm afterglow." -- New Belgium

Avery Old Jubilation Ale...$8.79 / 6pk
Beer Style: English Strong Ale
Hop Variety: Bullion
Malt Variety: Two-row barley, special roast, black, chocolate, victory
Alcohol By Volume: 8.0%
IBU's: 30

"Our winter strong ale has a gorgeous mahogany hue, a hint of hazelnuts, and a finish reminiscent of mocha and toffee. No spices, just a perfect blend of five specialty malts. Cellarable for 2 years." -- Avery
2006 - Best of the Rockies/Southwest - US Beer Tasting Championship - English Old Ale

Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale...$8.49 / 6pk
(Was Denver, now brewed in Maryland)

"The psycho in the pack...K-9 Cruiser is a dark, sweet and malty winter warmer that will captivate any adventurous craft brew drinker. A true Flying Dog original, K-9 Cruiser is the perfect brew to warm you up in those cold winter months.

Ideal Drinking Occasion: After you have pulled your first backside 180 and lived to tell the tale." -- Flying Dog

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Upcoming new releases!

A few people have been asking about some ETAs. These should arrive at The Wine and Cheese Place around these dates.

New Belgium 2 Below Winter Seasonal has just arrived!

I have also been told some bad news from our friends at Glazer that we will not get any Sierra Nevada Chico Harvest ale in St. Louis. They are also out of the Sierra Nevada Harvest Wet Hop. We have some left at our stores. Just a few cases.

These dates are not set in stone, but here it is...
Sierra Nevada Celebration--Oct 31

Bell's Cherry Stout--Oct 28
Bell's Double Cream Stout--Oct 28
Bell's Expedition Stout--Oct 28
Bell's Winter White--Oct 28

(Unfortunately, Bell's Christmas Ale will not make it to Missouri this year, registration with the state did not make it on time.)

Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence--Nov 04

Anderson Valley Brewing--October 29

Southern Tier Choklat -- Due in November

Samuel Adams CHOCOLATE Bock -- due the first week in November.
(I am told only about 20 cases for St. Louis. This one will be very limited.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Special Champagne Tasting!

Exciting High End
Champagne Tasting!
Monday October 27
5:30—6:30 pm
Open House format!
Please join us!

The Wine and Cheese Place
9755 Manchester Road
Rock Hill, MO 63119

A very rare chance to taste some of the
best of Champagne
The House of Bollinger
presented by Phillipe Menguy
Bollinger Export Director
We will taste these great Champagnes:
Bollinger Special Cuvee...$64.99
93/100 Wine Spectator

2003 by Bollinger...$112.99
94/100 The Wine Spectator

1999 Bollinger Grande Annee Brut...$114.99
94/100 The Wine Spectator

1997 Bollinger R.D....$229.99

Bollinger Brut Rose NV...$99.99

1999 Bollinger La Cote aux Enfants Rouge...$134.99

Some more very exciting news...

Very limited beers in stock at Forsyth only right now!

Achel Trappist EXTRA...$15.99 / 750ml

This is one of their hardest to get....
"Huge, copper-colored, bottle-conditioned ale, still hot off the presses, Achel Trappist Extra is the latest from the tiny brewery at the St. Benedictus Abbey at Achel, in the Northeast of Belgium. At this year's World Beer Championships in Chicago, the Extra was easily the best of the many Trappist beers tasted, scoring 97 points and an "Exceptional" rating. You will find this a very satisfying beer, with just a little malt sweetness, dried fruit flavors, warm sherry notes, and a brisk balancing backdrop of fresh hop bitterness.
Achel is by far the smallest of Belgium's six Trappist monasteries, and one of only two in which the monks themselves still take a hand in the daily operation of the brewery. We think you'll agree that the care and time that a little hands-on brewery devotes to its beers makes all the difference." -- importer

One of the most sought after Mikkeler beers is in stock now!
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast...$11.99 / pint

"Ask any beer geek . . . . a hearty, complex stout is the tastiest way to begin the day. This unique mix of an oat and coffee stout creates an intense, full-bodied beer that is surprisingly balanced and full of new taste adventures with every sip." -- importer

Rated 100 percentile on

Kerkom Bink Tripel...$13.99 / 750ml
Here at last is Bink Tripel.
"Look, it’s a big bottle! Not so easy to misplace. And people are saying already that Bink is the best Tripel of Belgium – earthy, deep, complex, but light in color and on the palate, as befits the style, and it packs a very healthy wallop of whole fresh hop aroma. The Kerkom brewery is a shrine to the noble hop, and the brewer, Marc Limet, is the guardian of the eternal flame at a time when most Belgian breweries have forgotten that hops ever existed. So it is no surprise that this beer is purported to be the hoppiest of Tripels. Actually, Bink Tripel isn’t quite hoppy enough for us – not yet. But since things only get hoppier and hoppier at Kerkom as time goes by, we are content to drink, and wait. As Marc says, “ it's getting better all the time . . .” -- importer

Drie Fonteinen Brewery -- Belgium
"Drie Fonteinen is the only remaining traditional geuze blender in Belgium, using only 100% spontaneously fermented lambik beer, aged in oak casks, with no artificial sweeteners or other additives." -- importer

3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek...11.99 / 375ml
"Perhaps the best sour cherry beer in the world. Positively loaded with real cherries, which are added whole into slowly fermenting oak casks." -- importer

plus more of these...
Nogne Imperial Stout

Nogne IPA

Haandbryggeriet Dark Force Extreme Imperial Wheat
(new batch -- #116)

Haandbryggeriet Norwegian Wood

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Evesham Wood Pinot Noir

From Russ Raney of St. Louis
2007 Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Willamette...$18.99
2006 Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Cuvee J....$42.99
Very Limited!
2006 Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Le Puits Sec...$32.99
Very Limited!

Evesham Wood...
"Nestled on a lower terrace of the Eola-Amity Hills’ eastern slope in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, our east facing 13 acre estate vineyard, Le Puits Sec, was planted in 1986. The soils are primarily basalt-derived volcanic and very well-drained, thus yielding pinot noir with great structure and at the same time aromatic and with finesse. As well, chardonnay and the Alsatian varieties thrive in this micro-climate, producing intensely varietal yet subtle wines. Evesham Wood obtained organic certification for both our estate vineyard and winery from Oregon Tilth in 2000. In addition, we are charter members of the Deep Roots Coalition, an advocacy group for wines produced exclusively from non-irrigated vines. Since 2005 Evesham Wood has been associated with the international organic/biodynamic organization, Renaissance des Appellations, whose members are required to adhere to rigid organic and quality standards." -- Mary and Russ Raney

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New beer

In stock now at Forsyth. New and limited!

Southern Tier Cuvee 1 ... $11.99 / 22 oz
"ALE IMPRESSIONS: Light copper color, slight malt flavor with mild bitterness, dry finish with subtle hop aroma. FRENCH OAK IMPRESSIONS: Qualities of toasted coconut, almond biscotti and toasted almonds with a taste of honeysuckle. 11.0% abv" -- brewery

This is the first in a series
#1 aged in French Oak - in stock now
#2 aged in American Oak -- coming
#3 is a blend of both -- coming

Bateman's Combined Harvest...$4.99 / pint
"A complex brew made from wheat, rye, and oats as well as barley. The colour is deep glowing bronze/gold, with a tight, white head. Toasty and grainy aromas on the nose. The palate is smooth and full with an initial sweetness that is quickly overtaken by a gentle hop bitterness and crispy fruit acidity." - importer

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Beer...

Just a quick note--the Great Divide Fresh Hop -- is DELICIOUS and almost gone.
The distributor is out, so whatever is left at your favorite beer shop (hopefully TWCP) is all there is for the year. We have some at all 4 locations!

Sam Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner...$9.49 / 4pk
Now Available at Rock Hill and Clayton

I have heard great things about this new release!
"Yes, we're a little obsessed with hops. Every autumn for over twenty years, Jim Koch has traveled to one of the oldest hop-growing regions in the world, the Hallertau region of Bavaria in Germany, to hand-select Noble Bavarian hops, including the Hallertau Mittelfrueh variety. This special variety is considered to be one of the best in the world, prized for its unique taste and aroma. Samuel Adams® Hallertau Imperial Pilsner is a celebration of these extraordinary hops. This beer is one of the hoppiest in the world, without being overly bitter. With the first sip, you will experience an explosion of some of the world's finest hops. And we mean “explosion” in a good way. Brewed as a showcase for the hops, this bold brew highlights the spicy, citrus flavors and aromas of the Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops that are abundant in the recipe. The intense hops flavor is balanced with the slight sweetness from the malt. The brew remains pleasantly well-balanced from beginning to end, due to the quality of the hops, and continues to always be, well, "hoppy," providing hop lovers with an amazing beer drinking experience." -- Brewery

Very limited beer-we only have 1 case available.
(just at Forsyth)

De Dolle Oerbier RESERVA 2007...$6.99 / 11oz
"De Dolle Oerbier Reserva is a specially matured version of De Dolle Oerbier. This version of De Dolle Oerbier is matured for 18 months in Bordeaux wine casks. Oerbier means original, from the spring. This beer has been brewed in small scale (5 gallons) at home in a copper wash kettle, by two brothers who were students at the time. They took over an old brewery which was out of business and said: "If we don't remake the brewery alive, nobody will!". It was also a unique opportunity to create some interesting brews, so why not try it ?

Therefore we want and will do the main work ourselves and keep the scale of the brewery like it was. Since then, the brewery and its beers have been an inspiration source for a lot of brewers. Oerbier is brewed from no less than 6 malts. Poperinge Golding hops in flowers and a special yeast which makes it a little tart, especially with aging. At the brewery we have excellent cellars which have a constant temperature of 8°C and allow Oerbier to age at its best. After a couple of years Oerbier tastes like it should have been blended with wine … Oerbier has been refermented in the bottle and contains a layer of yeast, having vitamins B. NAT en STRAF on the glasses means WET and STRONG, a warning for the 7.5 vol. alcohol content. The little person on the glasses is the Oerbier man, a simple creature who holds a brewers fork in his right hand, symbolizing the work and science, but looking to the other side, the result of all this, the glass of (Oer)beer. The artwork on the poster is a wallpainting found in Spain, (Altamira) and is considered by art lovers as being the best prehistoric art work (30.000 years BC). On the other hand we have Oerbier started in 1980, going on with the tradition." -- importer

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Great American Beer Festival 2008
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, Colorado

The biggest beer festival in American brought a line of people that wrapped around the whole convention center 6-8 people wide. We arrived 45 minutes before the start and walked and walked to find the end of the line. Once the doors opened though, the line moved fast--we were inside in about 45 minutes.

Inside it was 400 breweries and 1,800 beers to taste and a ton of people. The largest lines appeared at Lost Abbey, Dogfish Head, Russian River, New Glarius, Oskar Blues, Three Floyds and Stone. Very limited beers and not available in Missouri at this time.

A picture of super brewer, Garrett Oliver, of Brooklyn Brewery pouring some of his fantastic beers and a picture of the Dogfish Head booth. I concentrated on trying the many sought after beers that we cannot get in St. Louis. Beers we eventually hope to bring in to our stores in the future. There was also a lot of people in line to try the Boulevard Smokestack Saison-Brett.

Friday we went to visit to a few breweries in the area. We had a great tour at Left Hand Brewery and saw the whole operation. They were in the process of smoking the malted barley (great aroma) for their Smoke Jumper Porter to be released this November. They only make this beer every other year and you will be able to get it this year at TWCP stores.
We also took a tour of the revolutionary brewery Oskar Blues and met the owner Dale, yes of Dale's Pale. Oskar Blues is the first craft beer to produce their beer in cans. They just installed a state of the art canning system which many other breweries are checking out. Watch for many other craft breweries following their lead and canning their beer. We just started receiving New Belgium Fattire in cans a few weeks ago. Oskar Blues is the place to work, they have a basketball court and batting cage inside the brewery for the employees. It was an amazing place. Check out the palates of empty cans waiting to be filled.

Wynkoop Brewery
We also had a great lunch at Wynkoop Brewery and a tour with Charlie Berger who used to be at Missouri's own O'Fallon brewery and is now brewing at Wynkoop. We tasted many of their great beers including the Obamanator -- which they brewed for the Democratic Convention.

You can check out all of the winners on

Another Signature Ale

This is another collaboration with De Proef (see previous post)
At all four of our stores now!!!

Collaboration with Tom Arthur, the head brewery,
at The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing.

De Proef Signature Ale...$13.99 / 750ml

"A unique collaboration with noted San Diego brewer Tomme Arthur. A complex hybrid of aggressively hopped west coast IPA, combined with traditional Belgian brettanomyces fermentation. Strong citrus hop notes followed by hints of sourness and delicate spice and a long fimish. July 2007 selection - Michael Jackson's Rare Beer club. 94 points - World Beer Championships." - importer

Original Gravity: 1076
IBU's: 45-50
ABV: 8.5%

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

VERY Special Beer!

In stock at Forsyth, Ballwin, Rock Hill and Provisions Gourmet Market

Collaboration with Allagash, we cannot get Allagash in Missouri --yet! This is an exciting brewery and brew -- don't miss it!!

De Proef Signature Ale
Les Deux Brasseurs...$15.99 / 750ml

"Commercial Description: Golden ale Fermented with Multiple strains of Brettanomyces yeast. Collaboration with Allagash"

Rated 98/100 percentile from

"Les Deux Brasseurs 8.5% abv. Our Brewmaster, Jason Perkins had the honor of traveling to Belgium in early March to collaborate on Les Deux Brasseurs with Dirk Naudts of De Proef Brouwerij. Les Deux Brasseurs meaning The Two Brewers; represents the joining of two cultures. Les Deux Brasseurs is a Golden Ale fermented with two strains of Brettanomyces. Our Brettanomyces, discovered and isolated at our location was flown in fresh for this special occasion. With Dirk’s favorite strain of Brettanomyces, the beer was brewed using Pilsner Malt and a small amount of Torrified Wheat. The Golden Ale was then hopped with German Hallertau and fermented and aged for four months. In the course of the brew it was dry hopped with Czech Saaz. The result is a beer of remarkable character with significant fruit tones, including; pear, apple and pineapple. This beer also produces the flavors of graham cracker, barnyard character and is rounded by an herbal spicy hop finish."

-- Allagash Brewery

More exciting beers...

This just arrived -- Forsyth, Ballwin and Provisions Gourmet Market

Batemans Brewery XXXB...$4.99 / pint
"A deep bronze colour and tight, off-white head. On the palate it is smooth and full, with a nice interplay between grassy hops and lemony crispness, with a pleasing malt backbone. the finish is long and flavourful." -- Brewery

Good Honest Ales
"In 1874, George & Suzanna Bateman decided to sell their farm and purchase a small brewery in Wainfleet in Lincolnshire. For more than 100 years and 4 generations, the Batemans continued to build their family brewery, becoming one of England's most respected producers of traditional cask ales.
As the market for cask ales had nearly disappeared by 1970, the future of the Batemans brewery was very much in doubt. However the emergence of CAMRA resurrected the cask beer movement. For Batemans, the tide shifted dramatically in 1986 when its flagship Triple XB (XXXB) Premium Ale was judged Beer of the Year, at the Great British Beer Festival. Triple XB (XXXB) would continue to add multiple awards over the next several years, and become one of England's best-loved Ales.
Still under family leadership, Stuart and Jaclyn Bateman have expanded the range of beers to include a wide variety of award-winning cask and bottled ales - now returning to the U.S. after a 10-year absence." -- importer

Meantime Coffee Porter...$3.99 / 11oz
Coffee Beer - First Place
The Worlds best Coffee beer
First Place - Coffee Beer

"While we wouldn’t recommend having this at breakfast with your bacon and eggs, our Coffee Beer is made with real coffee and has a caffeine hit to match. The natural flavours of the beans selected and hand roasted by our friends at the Union Coffee Roasters go well with the roast barley in the beer to give a silky-smooth drink with distinct
chocolate and vanilla notes. Our first formulation of this beer was the first
UK brewed beer to carry the Fairtrade logo, and although we have reformulated it to create an even better blend of malt and roast coffee flavours we can no longer get enough coffee in each bottle to qualify for Fairtrade status. We are still using the same Faitrade Araba Bourbon beans from Rwanda’s Abuhuzamugambi Cooperative" -- importer
Now in stock also....Forsyth, Ballwin, and Provisions
Great Divide Fresh Hop Ale...$6.39 / 22 oz
"The September hop harvest is a once-a-year opportunity to brew with fresh hops, also called “wet hops.” Given the perishable nature of just-harvested hop cones, they are shipped overnight to Great Divide shortly after harvest. The morning of the scheduled hop delivery in Denver, Great Divide’s brewers begin brewing Fresh Hop and are ready to hop the beer just as the fresh hops are delivered.
Using fresh hops is a big endeavor, requiring four to five times the volume of hops compared to the usual process of using pelletized hops. This complex process brings impressive results: Fresh Hop is an American-Style Pale Ale with moderate hop bitterness marked by a unique and intensely grassy hop flavor and aroma. Fresh Hop is a superbly refreshing, medium bodied, light-copper colored pale ale.
55 International Bittering Units (IBUs)" -- brewery

Avery Old Jubilation...$8.79 / 6pk
"Our winter strong ale has a gorgeous mahogany hue, a hint of hazelnuts, and a finish reminiscent of mocha and toffee. No spices, just a perfect blend of five specialty malts. Cellarable for 2 years" -- brewery

Avery Out of Bounds Stout...$8.79 / 6pk
"This big, roasty stout takes flavor to the extreme. We aren't afraid to use plenty of rich roasted barley and a mountain of hops to give this full-bodied stout that little extra something you've been looking for in a beer." -- Avery

Great Burgundy

Mischief and Mayhem
We are proud to introduce these great Burgundies to St. Louis. They have received a lot of great press in the Wine Spectator and these wines are amazing bargains if you take the quality price ratio compared to other Burgundy. The wines are very limited and we only have 4-14 cases of each.
"Mischief and Mayhem is the creation of Michael Ragg and Michael Twelftree, two great friends whose passion for wine, and for Burgundy in particular, inspired them to team up and create the company in autumn 2004.
Michael Ragg spent nearly ten years working with leading UK fine wine merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd before moving to Burgundy in spring 2003 and setting up his own wine consultancy and broking business in Aloxe-Corton. He's Mischief.
Michael Twelftree is co-founder and driving force behind top Australian winery Two Hands Wines in the Barossa Valley. He's Mayhem." -- winery

2005 Bourgogne Chardonnay...$19.99
only 750 cases made
"Hard work amongst the vines, terrific vintage conditions and superb vineyard sites with an average vine age of 40 years. Beautiful ripe fruit, so typical in 2005, light barrel treatment and early bottling, all intergrate to produce a wine of real character, purity and freshness. This is a classic white Burgundy and we really hope that you will enjoy it. Pale straw in colour with a touch of gold. Beautifuly clean, pure, mid-intensity nose of ripe melon, lemon zest, white peach, lychee and honeycomb, with traces of baked apple and shortbread. Lovely freshness in the mouth and excellent cleansing acidity with notes of pear, apple and lime with a beautiful soft, creamy finish. Excellent." -- winery

2005 Bourgogne Pinot Noir...$19.99
only 550 cases made.
A great 2005 Red Burgundy and a real bargain for the quality here. This wine could easily pass for a Nuits St. Georges.

"Bright ruby red in colour with a touch of pink at the rim. Extremely fine, warm nose of damsons, red cherry, clove, nutmeg and raspberry fruit. Excellent, soft mouth feel, nicely integrated supple tannins, smooth and full with cherry pie, plum and vanilla notes, all nicaly balanced with a subtle acidic structure. Lovely even grip and balance leads into a dry, well rounded and full finish. Very nice indeed." -- winery

2006 Meursault...$75.99
Less than 270 cases made
"We produce this Meursault from Chardonnay vines with an average age of nearly 40 years, spread between several excellent sites around the fabled village of meursault and planted in rocky limestone and marl soils. The growing season and harvest in 2006 were superb for Chardonnay with wonderful ripeness of fruit, purity and minerality. Bottled after 14 months in barrel. This is a wine of real fruit character, richness and structure which we really hope you enjoy." --winery

2006 Volnay Vieilles Vignes...$63.99
Less than 100 cases made
"We produced this Volnay Vieilles Vignes from Pinot Noir vines with an average age of over 60 years, harvested from sites to the East and South-East of the historic village of Volnay. The growing season and ahrvest in 2006 were fine for Pinot Noirwith lovely ripeness of fruit, purity and structure. Bottled after 14 months in the barrel. This is a wine of real elegance, purity and finesse which we really hope that you will enjoy." -- winery

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some new ones...

New Beers that just arrived at Forsyth.

Eggenberg Doppelbock

BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon Chien 2006 Vintage
(we also have the 2007 on the shelf)
"Boldly treading the boundary between port, wine and beer, l'Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien is a unique ale aged in wooden casks which have been used for several years before to age Merlot, Merlot Cabernet, Whisky and then Grappa. It manages to merge into L'Abbaye all the complex aromas of a vintage red wine along with the delicate harmony and flavors of the wood and its former contents. This process requires close monitoring of the beer's evolution. The final version is blended from different casks, to ensure optimal balance, complexity and enjoyment! A mere one thousand bottles have been earmarked for the US market in 2006. [Thus named in fond memory of Bon-Chien, the late brewery cat, deceased in June 2005, whose antics were very popular with brewery visitors]" -- importer

Left Hand Blackjack Porter
"A traditional London style beer, our Black Jack Porter highlights chocolate malt and Kent Goldings hops. Its slight initial sweetness quickly yields to the distinctive roastiness of the chocolate malt. The Kent Goldings hops perfectly balance the malt, making it very smooth, with a surprisingly clean finish." -- brewery

Arcadia Imperial Stout
"Black as coal in color, this bottle conditioned Stout has a velvety rich and sweet malt aroma. After pouring, a dense brown head gives way to a big, full-bodied and creamy texture that has flavors of roasted coffee and black currants, blending perfectly with the malt. A generous amount of hops add balance and complexity to this extraordinary stout that will continue to improve with age. A worthy beer to cellar and enjoy throughout the year." -- Brewery

Dansk Mjod Viking Blod
"Mead is probably the oldest known alcoholic beverage in the world. From Europe to Australia mead has been a popular drink, dating back to long before Viking Times....Our products are brewed based on a recipe from about year 1700, and the ingredients are pure and 100 pct. natural - guaranteed free from additives of any kind. Honey is the major and most important item in the recipe." -- brewery

De Dolle Oerbier
This is their fall seasonal
"Oerbier means original, from the spring. This beer has been brewed in small scale (5 gallons) at home in a copper wash kettle, by two brothers who were students at the time. They took over an old brewery which was out of business and said: "If we don't remake the brewery alive, nobody will!". It was also a unique opportunity to create some interesting brews, so why not try it ? Therefore we want and will do the main work ourselves and keep the scale of the brewery like it was. Since then, the brewery and its beers have been an inspiration source for a lot of brewers. Oerbier is brewed from no less than 6 malts." -- importer

Friday, October 3, 2008

Great bottle opener

Be-Open Bottle Opener
(white or black)...$8.99

Be-Open Bottle Opener
(stainless steel)...$14.99

The easiest beer opener, plus it removes the cap without damage to the cap. Great for cap collectors. The cylinder fits over the top of a capped bottle, and by pressing down the cap is removed.

Check out the demo:

Demo of the opener

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lowest prices...

Liquor Department
Price check!!
We pride ourselves on our selection and service, but our prices are the lowest in town also. We keep the lowest prices on wine, liquor, beer and cheese. It is the same product, why overpay?
(prices checked 09/21/08, prices subject to change)
Dewars 1.75ltr....our price...$35.99
Johnnie Walker Red 1.75ltr...$39.99
Grey Goose Vodka 1.75ltr...$54.99
J & B Scotch 1.75ltr...$34.99
Chivas Regal 750ml...$23.99
Tanqueray Gin 1.75ltr....$37.99
Budweiser 6pk bottles...$4.79 / 6pk
Veuve Clicquot NV Brut Champagne...$41.99
Think of how much you would save if you bought a bottle or two every week. We know everyone is in a hurry, so we want to make the trip worth it for you. If you are having a party, you can save hundreds of dollars. Shop us first and save! We appreciate your business.