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Alvinne Podge Imperial Stout

Alvinne Podge Imperial Stout...$4.99 / 11oz btl
"Podge Belgian Imperial Stout (10.5% ABV) Brewed at the request of English beer connoisseur Chris "Podge" Pollard (a CAMRA activist and craft beer authority), this strong stout is black in color and has a rich, silky mouthfeel and slightly spicy flavor, but very low carbonation and no head at all "for the English taste". Made with Pilsner plus six other malt varieties, crystalized sugar and dark candi sugar, and hopped with English Challenger and East Kent Goldings hops. After taste-testing of multiple strains, the Wyeast Irish Ale yeast variety was selected for this brew." -- Wikipedia

Wort is divided into four different parts with each part using a different yeast strain:- Irish yeast- English yeast- Dry yeast- “Witbread” yeast

Malt: Pilsner, Pale, Black, Chrystal, Chocolate
Hops: Challenger, Saaz , East Kent Goldings
Fermentation: 5 days
Maturation: 6 weeks
Aroma: Red wine character , licorice, dark fruits, molasse, coffee
Flavor/taste profile: Pronounced roasted/coffee/rich chocolate flavors with a touch of sourness [Stout character] combine with dark fruity flavors [Belgian influence]

Stagg Jr. Bourbon

Very limited- back in stock at Forsyth

Just 6 bottles, no reservations, come and get it!

Stagg Jr Bourbon...$46.99
George T. Stagg built the most dominant American distillery of the 19th century, during a time known as the Gilded Age of Bourbon. Uncut and unfiltered, this robust bourbon whiskey ages for nearly a decade and boasts the bold character that is reminiscent of the man himself.

Rich, sweet, chocolate and brown sugar flavors mingle in perfect balance with the bold rye spiciness. The boundless finish lingers with hints of cherries, cloves and smokiness.

Limited - Talisker 30 Year Old!

New batch, only 600 bottles made from this batch!

Talisker Single Malt Scotch 30 Year Old 48.5% ABV...$649.99
"All the character of Talisker is softy present in this elegant cask-strength 30 Year Old, a pleasing sweetness is balanced by salty seaweed and a mere tingle of pepper in the lingering maritime finish."

Only 600 bottles from this batch!

Barrel Aged Box of Chocolate

Charleville / TWCP Barrel Aged Box of Chocolate
No longer online, just a few bottles left in the store

Filling barrels with Charleville Box of Chocolate!
Brewery: Charleville Brewing
Barrel: Buffalo Trace (#8) 
Barrel: Henry McKenna 10 Year Old (#1) 
Beer: Box of Chocolate Quad
Date Filled: December 9th, 2013
Bottled: April 1, 2014
Bottles produced: 420 
Release date: April 18, 2014

Wine Education: Mourvedre

Wine Tasting at all FOUR locations

April 19 from 11am-4pm.Taste 
2011 Terres Falmet Mourvedre

(each store will also have other wines out to taste)
A little more education: We are going to try to feature either a grape or a wine region each week at our stores. We will give you some background information on the grape or region and feature a wine that highlights what we are featuring. We will taste that wine on Saturday at all four of our locations. We will post it here in our blog and send it out in our emails - click here to sign up for our emails

On our blog, click on the label "Education" and you can read all of the education articles (see the right column under the heading "labels".

Grape: MourvedreMourvedre (Monastrell in its native Spain, Mataro in Australia and California) is a black-skinned variety that has been grown in vineyards all around the western Mediterranean for centuries. Thought to have originated in Spain, it is now grown extensively throughout the Iberian Peninsula, southern France, California and South Australia.

Mourvedre's meaty, herby aromas are very distinctive, as are its strong tannins. These qualities make it a potent ingredient for blending, most often with vibrant, rich Grenache and structured, spicy Syrah (see Grenache – Mourvedre – Syrah). Single-variety Mourvedre or Monastrell wines are not particularly common, but as the curiosity of the average wine consumer increases, so more and more producers are experimenting with making wines from 100 percent Mourvedre.

Come taste our Wine Of the Week along with a few of our favorite Mourvedre from around the world this Saturday:

2011 Terres Falmet Mourvedre...$14.99

Game of Thrones Growler

Ommegang Game of Thrones Growler....$25
Empty growler
only 45 available
When everyone in Westeros seems to be fighting for the Iron Throne it can seem like there’s nothing to do but sit back and enjoy a glass of craft brewed beer. Keep well-stocked with the Game of Thrones Brewery Ommegang Growler. The amber glass growler features Game of Thrones on one side with the Ommegang Brewery logo on the other. The large bottle features a handle, raised wheat detailing at the bottom, and a hinged gasket cap. The collectible growler is so unique, Westeros may just start fighting over it, as well.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ale Mucho Hoppo now in 4 pks

In stock now!  
Charleville from Sainte Genevieve.....

Charleville Ale Mucho Hoppo Double IPA...$10.99 / 4pk
9% ABV
"Hop headed and havy handed with 100 IBU.  This luchador is not know for subtleness.  In fact, it's Ale Mucho.  Agressively hopped with Chinook, Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus." -- label
100 IBU

Glenmorangie Rare 25yr

Back in stock!

Glenmorangie 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch....$479.99

The rarest and oldest member of the Glenmorangie family, this is a single malt of notable class and intensity. Full bodied and sumptuous, the Glenmorangie 25 Years Old is the real embodiment of our continued dedication to perfection. Matured in a range of casks including American white oak, Oloroso sherry casks and French Burgundy casks before being blended back together in exact quantities, the Glenmorangie Quarter Century is complex, bursting with deep flavours, and a perfect testimony to our knowledge and experience. 

The first impression is of dried fruits - blackberries, cherries, plums and dates interwoven with chocolate and coffee.
Big and full-flavoured. Deep forest fruits burst on the tongue with mouth-watering blackberries and redcurrants emerging with bramble jelly.
Long and gentle, with brambles and warming spices.
Old gold

Nolet's Reserve Gin

In stock and online

The best gins in the world....

Nolet's Silver Gin...$44.99 / 750ml
The Spirit Journal, F. Paul Pacultnamed Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin the Best Gin in the World, calling it “an instant classic” that “blew me away from the first sip,” and one of the rare gins that is “great on its own.” Of theNolet’s Reserve, the Silver’s “even more incredible sister gin,” Pacult said it’s “one of the finest spirits I’ve ever tasted.”Quite an accolade, considering that by his own estimation Pacult has tasted over 20,000 spirits. Both expressions received Five Star / Highest Recommendation ratings from Pacult.

The most expensive Gin in the world....uses botanicals like Saffron...You don't want to mix this one, just sip it on the rocks

Nolet's Reserve Gin...$579.99

2 more bottles arrived

"The Nolet family was inspired to create the world's best tasting gin, Carolus Nolet Sr., the distillery's tenth generation owner, has dedicated over four decades perfecting the Reserve Dry Gin. Its extreme allocation, tiny production and use of the world's highest quality, most invaluable ingredients make this one of the rarest and most expensive gins ever created. Carolus Nolet Sr.'s personal chef d'oeuvre, the Dry Gin is intended to be sipped to fully enjoy its unprecedented complexity and balance. Warm, spicy saffron and subtle, delicate verbena play off each other in perferct harmony. It can only be described as a masterpiece. Nolet's Reserve is available annually, by allocation only. "

Five Stars out of Five Stars
Highest Recommendation" according to F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, September 2010

FW Parabola is here!

Due to such a small allocation - we are in store only

In stock at Rock Hill and New Ballas.

Forsyth is sold out

1 per person.  No reservations, first come first served.
Firestone Walker Parabola Russian Imperial Stout...$13.99

"Parabola has been a major component of past anniversary blends and is one of our most aggressive offerings. This beer features bold bourbon and tobacco aromas and a rich dark chocolate, charred oak flavor. Parabola is best enjoyed in moderation and is a perfect beer to pair with those chocolate dessert favs." - Firestone Walker

Pappy Van Winkle Flask and a new glass!

Because they sell out fast....
we got an order in early for Father's Day
Plan ahead!


Pappy Van Winkle Glencairn Tasting Glass...$80 / set of 6 glasses
Or $13.99 for a single glass

Old Rip Van Winkle Hand Etched Rocks Glasses...$55 / 4 glasses
Classic HAND ETCHED rocks glass. 
Fits comfortably in your hand. 10oz. Sold in sets of 4. 

Back in stock


Smathers and Branson Pappy Flask....$60

We've collaborated with Smathers and Branson to bring you this 6oz. stainless steel custom PAPPY flask. Their signature needlepoint is trimmed with full grain leather and is permanently fixed around the flask. There is not a better accessory for your back pocket wherever the party may take you. Cheers!

J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2011 Anniversary Ale

This is a limited release for J.W. Lees 25th Anniversary.
Bottles in 750ml bottle
We got in 6 more bottles

Not online, but you can call 314.727.8788 to reserve

2011 J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 25th Anniversary....$19.99 / 750ml
Brewed with Champagne yeast
"J.W.Lees Vintage Harvest Ale is only brewed once a year for release on December 1 of each year. It is a Limited Edition Vintage to celebrate the first brew from each year's harvest of barley and hops. Only the first delivery of the year's classic barley malt 'Maris Otter' and the classic hop variety 'Goldings' from East Kent is therefore used."

Left Hand Smoke Jumper

Left Hand Smoke Jumper...$8.49 / 22oz
Here in Colorado we are blessed with abundant natural beauty. Smokejumpers are those fearless wildland firefighters who specialize in parachuting into the wilderness so that we can continue to enjoy it. Smokejumper Imperial Porter is a tribute to them – a twenty-one degree plato porter made with barley malt hand- smoked by our brewers. Roasty brown in color, the long lingering smokiness wraps around flavors of molasses, toasted malt and an earthy hoppiness. Here’s to smoke in your glass, not in the woods.

Smokejumper is the official beer of The National Smokejumper Association.

Great Divide new releases!

Great Divide 20th Anniversary Belgian Style Ale....$8.49 / 22oz
This Belgian-style Ale is a golden example of our traditional bold character, but with a little something special to commemorate this milestone. Fermented with Viognier grape juice, 20th Anniversary is both delicate and assertive. Big without being brutish, cunning without being cloying, this is a grown-up beer for a big-time celebration.
8.2% ABV

Great Divide Rumble Oak Aged IPA...$9.99 / 6pk
Rumble IPA is an American IPA with subtle nuance. Brewed with heavy handed additions of Pacific Northwest hops, this beer is gently aged on French and American oak resulting in a wonderful balance of bitterness, caramel sweetness, vanilla, and undertones of pine and citrus. Very inspiring. 7.1% ABV

Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti...$9.49
"Welcome to the newest incarnation of our revered imperial stout. We toned down the hops a bit to allow cocoa nibs to contribute some pleasing bitterness, while vanilla notes from the oak combine with the cocoa to create an aroma and flavor akin to a gourmet chocolate bar. A dash of cayenne keeps things lively, adding just a bit of heat to the finish. A Yeti for summer? Hell yes. 9.5% ABV." -- brewery

Food Pairings from the brewery:
Raw oysters, grilled NY strip, chicken mole, Roaring 40’s blue cheese,crème bruleé, chocolate raspberry mousse cake.

Perennial Regalia Ale

Perennial Regalia Ale...$9.99 / 750ml
Inspired by the rustic farmhouse style Saisons of Southern Belgium, Regalia is brewed with barley, wheat and spelt and fermented with Brettanomyces.  A sturdy malt character supports the complex array of flavors that the yeast provides,  and will continue to develop over time.

Stochasticity™ Project Grapefruit Slam IPA

New Batch!

Stone Brewing presents...
Stochasticity™ Project Grapefruit Slam IPA...$7.49 / 22oz
India pale ales harness the inherent flavor characteristics of hops to bring forward familiar flavors of pine, resin, spice, and citrus. In some cases, those botanicals are so potent, they exactly mirror specific edibles. Such is the case with Centennial hops, which hail from the Great Northwest and come across on the palate like a mouthful of citrus fruit. That sensation is amplified with this, the first beer introduced via the Stochasticity Project–a double IPA brewed with Centennial, Chinook and Magnum hops as well as an immense dosing of fresh grapefruit peel. The result is over-the-top bittersweet grapefruit intensity that is at once refreshing and bracing in its citrusy bitterness.

The essential oils and the monoterpenoids like geraniol and citronellol that are found in hops often provide aromatic components that are described in professional sensory panels as "citrusy" and are reminiscent of the flavors of grapefruit, lemon, or lime. For that reason, the potential synergy of specific hop varieties with citrus fruit is something that brewers who research unique ingredients, and who focus on combining the brewing art with brewing science, have been experimenting with for a while.

This particular beer combines the lemony and piney aspects of the Centennial hop with the intensity provided by dry grapefruit peel, which is added as a dry hop along with the hops.

The brew is converted in the brewhouse using a temperature rest profile designed to accentuate dryness and fermentability. The resulting Real Degree of Fermentation is high, the attenuation limit is low, the residual dextrin content is low, and the dryness helps accentuate the hop flavors that emerge from the glass.

The end result is an intensely citrusy brew, aromatics at the first turn of Centennial hops, with subsequent evaluations resulting in an ever-increasing grapefruit presence. The bitterness provided by the hops, well over 90 IBUs, or International Bitterness Units, adds a large component of bitterness that blends exceptionally well with the light pithy character of the grapefruit. A remarkably refreshing beer.

There is no happenstance or coincidence. Dumb luck is a fallacy and randomness a commonly accepted mistruth. Much of what seemingly falls into place and seems so natural is a result of Stochasticity, a concept embraced and exalted by this special and unpredictable series of beers, where exotic notions, ingredients and ideas coalesce at an interesting and often unexpected endpoint.

Firestone Walker Velviet Merlint

First time in St. Louis!

Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout...$9.99 / 6pk
A decadent oatmeal stout. Velvet Merlin offers robust cocoa and espresso aromas with subtle American hop nuances. Rich dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavor with a creamy mouth feel and wonderfully dry finish create the perfect balance in this full-bodied stout. Ideal for sipping in the winter months or at the end of a meal.

style: Oatmeal Stout
abv: 5.5%
ibu: 27
malts: Maris Otter, 2-Row Pale, Roast Barley, English Dark Caramel, Medium Caramel, Carafa Malt, Oats (15%)
hops: 100% US Grown Fuggle Hops

The Wine and Cheese Place 8th Annual Beer Fest!

Hard to believe this will be our 8th year for this event!

Saturday May 10, 2014 from 12pm-3pm

Watch for tickets sales for the first hour to go on sale 
in the next 5 days.

Beer list is subject to change.  
This gives you a good idea of what will be poured.  But, due many variables, some beers might not be ready at the time or might be sold out at the time.    The breweries are trying to guess what will be ready at the time of the event. 

Schlafly Beer - MIssouri
  • Schlafly Hard Apple Cider
  • Schlafly Belgian Golden Ale
  • Schlafly AIPA
  • Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweizen
  • Schlafly Helles Summer Lager Can
  • Schlafly Yakima Wheat

4 Hands Brewing Co. - Missouri 

  • 4 Hands Contact High - Cans 
  • 4 Hands Eclipse Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout with Raspberries (draft, not for sale)
  • 4 Hands Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout  (draft, not for sale)
  • 4 Hands Barrel Aged Bona Fide

Boulevard Brewing - Missouri 
  • Boulevard Ginger-Lemon Radler
  • BoulevaarTank 7
  • Boulevard Entwined Ale (not confirmed yet)
  • Boulevard Pop-Up IPA
Ommegang Brewery - New York
  • Duvel 
  • Ommegang Gnomegang
  • Ommegang Glimmerglass
  • Ommegang 3 Philosophers

Urban Chestnut Brewing - Missouri

  • Urbanator Pale Doppelbock
  • Maximilian Weizenbock
Kirkwood Station Brewing - Missouri
Dave Johnson, brewer will be on hand 
  • Kirkwood Station IPA Cans
  • Kirkwood Station Blackberry Wheat Cans

Tallgrass Brewing - Kansas

Side Project Brewing -Missouri 

Alpha Brewing Company - Missouri 


Shelton Brothers 


Six Row Brewing - Missouri

  • Six Whale Wheat Ale
  • Six Row Double IPA 
  • Six Row Sunshine Slowdown (if the beer is ready)
  • Six Row Arch Nemesis Midnight Imperial Black IPA (if the beer is ready) 

Perennial Artisan Ales

  • Perennial/Prairie Dual Artisanship, Perennial collaboration beer with Prairie Artisan Ales. Dual Artisanship is a dry-hopped Belgian-style Red Saison brewed with our house yeast strain as well as Brett Drei. Dry-hopped with Simcoe and Citra, there is a big hop nose on this farmhouse beer. 6.9% ABV (draft only, not for sale)
  • Perennial Saison de Lis

Bells Brewing - Michigan

  • Bells Quinannan Falls Special Lager (draft only, not for sale)
  • Bells Oberon
  • Bells Porter
Missouri Beverage

  • 809 Berliner Weisse 
  • Aecht Schlenkerla Urbock 
  • Arcadia Big Dick's 
  • Arcadia Whitsun
  • De Cam Oude Lambiek  
  • Delirium Tremens 
  • Duchesse de Bourgogne 
  • Founders All Day IPA 
  • Gulden Draak Brewmaster Reserve
  • Karmeliet Tripel 
  • Left Hand Good JuJu
  • New Holland Dragon's Milk 
  • New Holland Full Circle
  • North Coast Class of 88 Barley Wine 
  • North Coast PranQster Belgian 
  • Petrus Aged Pale 
  • Reissdorf Kolsch 
  • Robinson Trooper
  • Rogue Dead Guy Ale
  • Rogue Hazelnut Brown 
  • Santa Fe Chicken Killer
  • Santa Fe Happy Camper
  • Schofferfer Grapefruit 
  • Ska Minthe Stout CANS 
  • Unibroue Anniversary Ale #17 
  • Wittekerke Belgian White CANS

Major Brands
  • Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA
  • Avery White Rascal
  • Crown Valley Barrel Aged Big Bison Ale
  • Crown Valley Whitewall IPA
  • Firestone Walker Double Jack
  • Firestone Walker Union Jack
  • Firestone Walker Wookey Jack Rye IPA
  • Free State Ad Astra Ale
  • Free State Maibock
  • Great Divide Chocolate Yeti
  • Great Divide Hercules Double IPA
  • Great Divide Lasso IPA
  • Great Divide Rumble IPA
  • Stone Got To IPA
  • Stone Imperial Russian Stout
  • Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer
  • Humboldt Nectar IPA
  • Estrella Damm Daura
  • Les Brasseurs de Gayant du Demon

Summit Distributor
  • Odells Brewing
  • Lagunitas Brewing
  • New Belgium Brewing
  • Charleville
  • Cathedral Square

Grey Eagle Distributor
  • Green Flash Brewing
  • Deschutes

many more to come...will update beers as they are confirmed.

Alpha Ryot Black Rye IPA

750ml bottles on this one!

Alpha Ryot Black Rye IPA....$7.99 / 750ml
Ryot is a Black Rye IPA brewed special for our favorite local band, Dance Floor Riot.  This beer is malty, dark with a hoppy finish.  Brewed with Centennial and Chinook hops.
7% ABV

Thursday, April 17, 2014

2nd Shift Hibiscus Wit and AON

In stock now and online

Bottled April 13 and 14th

New label designs by Kyle A. Scarborough

2nd Shift Art of Neurosis IPA....$7.49 / 750ml
AON is an Ipa that has everything you could want in one, if what you want is a hop sandwich. It's a 7.7% Simcoe and Columbus delight.
67 IBU

2nd Shift Hibiscus Wit....$6.49 / 750ml
Hibiscus's all over the place. Heres what I've been goofin around with for a while. I love belgian wits on hot summer days (or freezin your butt off days). Anyway I took a witbier and threw in a bunch of hibiscus flowers from Egypt and made the stuff even better. 5.2%

Whiskey and Cigar Tasting with Dinner

Sunset Hills Golf Course Banquet Center

Whiskey and Cigar Tasting with Dinner 
Presented by Aaron from The Wine and Cheese Place and Dick from JR Cigars 

Thursday May 8, 2014 

Time: 6:00PM
Where: Sunset Hills Golf Course Outdoor Pavilion
13366 W. Watson Rd. Sunset Hills, MO
Price: (tax and service charge included)
$70 includes whiskey tasting, cigars, and dinner.
$95 includes whiskey tasting, cigars, dinner, and round of golf w/cart.

For required reservations or tee times Contact Pro
Shop: Email:
Phone: 314-843-300

Five Featured Whiskeys:
Classic Mash Bill:
Palm Ridge Reserve Florida Whiskey (FL)

Sweet Mash Bill:
Blantons Original Single Barrel Bourbon (KY)

Rye/Spicy Mash Bill:
Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon (KY)

Finish: Rare Bourbons
Orphan Barrel Old Barterhouse 20 Year Old Bourbon
Jefferson Single Barrel Bourbon 20-year-old 

One bottle of 20-year-old Jefferson will be raffled as an attendance prize

Beer Tasting this Week!

This Weekend's Tastings!
Friday, April 18 from 4-6pm

The Wine and Cheese Place - Forsyth
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO 63105

Charleville Barrel Aged Box of Chocolate
Charleville Box of Chocolate
Charleville Tornado Alle
Charleville Hoptimistic
Charleville Half Wit Wheat 


BEER - New Ballas location

April 18 from 4-6pm

The Wine and Cheese Place - NEW BALLAS
457 N. New Ballas, Creve Coeur MO 314.989.0020

Sam Adams Double Bock
North Coast Red Seal Ale
Ace Joker Hard Cider
Avery Out of Bounds Stout

Barrel Aged Box of Chocolate

The Wine and Cheese Place is proud to announce the release and tasting
of the first Charleville Barrel Aged Box of Chocolate
Friday April 18, 4-6pm

The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105
open house, reservations are not required, but you can let us know you are coming on Facebook - click here

Starting at 4pm we will be tasting...

  • Charleville Barrel Aged Box of Chocolate
  • Charleville Box of Chocolate
  • Charleville Tornado Alle
  • Charleville Hoptimistic
  • Charleville Half Wit Wheat

Also starting at 4pm - 
You can purchase 2 bottles of the Barrel Aged Box of Chocolate at $14.99 / bottle.
Whatever is left,  we will put available online Saturday morning.

Filling barrels with Charleville Box of Chocolate!
Brewery: Charleville Brewing
Barrel: Buffalo Trace (#8) 
Barrel: Henry McKenna 10 Year Old (#1) 
Beer: Box of Chocolate Quad
Date Filled: December 9th, 2013
Bottled: April 1, 2014
Bottles produced: 420 
Release date: April 18, 2014

Archangel Wheat with Cherries


North Peak Archangel Summer Wheat...$11.99 / 6pk 
Brewed with Michigan Cherries
ABV: 5.0% IBUs: 22
North Peak Archangel is an American Wheat Beer brewed with Michigan cherries. Subtly hopped with Perle and Vanguard hops, Archangel is refreshing, clean and crisp.

Stone Brewing mix pack!

Stone Mixed 12 Pack

In stock now!

Stone Brewing Mixed 12 pack...$19.99 / 12 bottles
3 bottles each
  • Stone IPA 100/100 RateBeer
  • Stone Ruination IPA    100/100 RateBeer
  • Stone Sublimely Self Righteous   100/100 RateBeer
  • Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale    99/100 RateBeer

Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire Beer Ale Absurd

In stock at Forsyth, we only have 12 bottles to go around for all 4 stores combined.

Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire Beer Ale Absurd Rye Tripple...$11.99 / 750ml
Belgian-style Tripel brewed with rye
"Lets face it, Beer is an art form that excites our senses and stirs our imagination.  This truth gave Jolly Pumpkin an idea.  We'd create a limited series of beers by throwing caution to the wind and following our creative muse no matter where it leads.  This is how we discovered Baudelaire Beer.  A romantic world, dimly lit by distant memory, yet alive and inspiring us to pursue beauty at any cost.  In the world of Baudelaire, label and beer come together in character and taste, influencing the drinker to take upon the spirit of creativity and thin the vail between life and art.  Let the muse guide you." - label

"A breath of air from the wings of madness." - C. Baudelaire

Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars

Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars....$11.99 / 750ml
Bière de Mars - A sustaining beer that is brewed to comfort in the gusty ides of March and welcome in a wealth of warmer weather.
Rated 99/100 RateBeer
Rated 100/100 RateBeer in its style

Plus half bottles in stock now.....

Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza....$5.49 / 375ml
Rated 99 on RateBeer
Oro de Calabaza - Brewed in the Franco-Belgian tradition of strong golden ales. Spicy and peppery with a gentle hop bouquet and the beguiling influence of wild yeast.
#1 Rated Belgian Golden in the World, New York Times

8% Alc./Vol.