Wednesday, May 6, 2015


We scored a few more cases of Barrel Aged Old Ruffian and we have less than a case of Barrel Aged Hibernation

Great Divide Barrel Aged Old Ruffian....$24.99 / 750ml


This special release of our acclaimed, hefty barley wine has been aged for over 12 months whiskey barrels. The process tempers Old Ruffian’s edges for a mellowed version with heady whiskey flavors and subtle oak notes. This rounded wonder clocks in at 85-90 IBUs.

4 Hands Opus

4 Hands Opus Saison....$6.99 / 22oz
Opus is a saison brewed with tea and fruit. The perfect accompaniment to the warmer months, this farmhouse style has a bright, citrusy aroma with notes of tea and spice. Opus pours golden in color with a firm white head.

Prairie Somewhere

Prairie Somewhere...$8.49 / pint
A Sour Farmhouse Ale

Prairie Somewhere is a blend of golden farmhouse ale and a sour ale. Citrus fruit is used in the kettle to add intense orange and lime notes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seven Fathoms Rum!

In stock now and the lowest price in the country
Seven Fathoms Cayman Island Rum...$54.99

This article just came out....

Rum Aged Underwater — Seven Fathoms Rum

Now that ships have shepherded bourbon above the seas, it’s time to dive deeper. Literally. Cayman Spirits Company’s Seven Fathoms Rum matures at a depth of 42 feet under the Caribbean Sea—also known as seven fathoms. A blend of one- to three-year-old rums, Seven Fathoms was inspired by tales of transoceanic voyages of wine and the effects that motion had upon its maturation. Merchants would ship wine on the ocean to faraway markets and recipients would detect a marked change in the flavor profile due to the constant motion and enhanced wood exposure.

The same concept of barrel agitation is used today by many distillers. But unlike other rum manufacturers, Seven Fathoms ages its spirit underwater, at a top secret location. Walker Romanica, Cayman Spirits’ co-founder, believes this to be rum’s ideal setting: The ocean’s distinct levels of pressure and humidity are unmatchable on land and the constant motion of the tides forces the rum in and out of the wood, contributing to its complexity.

Why the secret location? Because no one else on earth is aging rum this way. The sweet spot of this depth allows gentle currents to rock each barrel of Seven Fathoms Rum to full-bodied flavor. The solera-blended final spirit that emerges is smooth and dry with citrus and oaky vanilla notes. No wonder this rum is meant for leisurely sipping, backed by the steady rhythm of the tides.

Read the full article which includes info about Jefferson's Ocean and Ardbeg in space!


Sierra Nevada HOP HUNTER IPA!!

Fresh batch arrived

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA....$7.99 / 6pk
Intense wet hop flavor year round.
Hop Hunter IPA harnesses the complex flavors of just-picked hops through an all-new method of steam distilling wet hops before they even leave the fields. This revolutionary technique captures and intensifies the natural flavors, creating a unique and intensely aromatic beer. Our custom process gathers pure hop oil which, when combined with traditional whole-cone hops in the brew kettle and in our Hop Torpedo, makes for an incredible IPA experience.

Fresh War Hammer!

New batch in stock - 

4 Hands Breing War Hammer IPA....$8.49 / 22oz
"Columbus Tomahawk Zeus is the primary hop variety in War Hammer as well as the inspiration for the name. We use a combination of Pacific Northwest hops to create layers of pungent flavors. A generous malt bill adds biscuit and honey notes while allowing the hops to take center stage. War Hammer pours golden in color with aromas of pineapple, mango, tangerine, resin, & slight earthy notes. Drink fresh!" - 4 Hands

Amazing Malbec!!!!!

2012 Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec...$15.99
Compact and grapy up front, this is showing pure berry power on the nose. Lush and intense but also bright and balanced in feel, this Malbec is pumping out fleshy blackberry flavors offset by meaty notes. A full, mellow finish is deep and pure, with absorbed oak. Drink through 2020.
Rated 92/100 The Wine Enthusiast

2012 Trivento Golden Reserve - Color is normally not a big deal to me, but the saturation and intensity of this black-purple wine is riveting... gives me a new perspective on the term 'eye candy'. The word 'inky' would be an insult as this glows more than any ink.
The aromas are equally spectacular, with black raspberries, black currants and violets offering a powerful yet harmonious blend, with the tiniest hint of oak a complementary accent in the background.
The palate is as rich and voluptuous as the promises of the color and aroma, yet without any hint of anything ponderous. The flavors reprise the aromas with some added faint hints of Asian spices... ginger and coriander. There is also a tiny touch of something peppery, like watercress. The depth is incredible, the finish lasts over half a minute. If this lacks the breadth and nuance of the very greatest wines, it is amazing wine by any standard and the single best value I have tasted in the past few years. It could improve a point... I'm not sure, but I'll find out as I'm going to put at least a case in my own basement.
Trust me here: Brown bag this and put it into a blind tasting with some $100 Napa Cabernets and/or Bordeaux. It may win, it may not, but I guarantee you it will not be embarrassed.
Rated 95.3/100 Dan Kravitz, wine importer (but not the importer of this wine)

Old Beer in stock!

Taste some history from a now shuttered classic brewery.
3 vintages Back in stock
1997 Gale’s Prize Old Ale...$4.99 / 9.3oz   18 years old!
1999 Gale’s Prize Old Ale...$4.99 / 9.3oz
2001 Gales Prize Old Ale...$4.99 / 9.3oz

Roger Protz, The Classic Bottled Beers of the World
"Here is a beer that proclaims quality and antiquity. It comes in hand-corked, sealed and numbered bottles with a handsome label showing the brewery in Victorian times. It is brewed and fermented in old wooden vessels including some 'rounds' - rare iron-hooped fermenters.

"Each bottle of Prize Old Ale is cork-finished, sealed, and numbered. Prize Old Ale is unfiltered and unpasteurized. It is brewed from floor malted Maris Otter and minute amounts of black malt. Hops are Fuggles, Goldings and Challenger. It is reddish in color with hops and apple fruit on the nose, spicy and malty in the mouth, and a dry, even tart fruity finish with hints of raisins and apple.The slow work of the yeast in the bottle may increase the alcohol content to 12% or even more. After several years of aging Prize Old Ale gains a more complex palate with Calvados like character. It is said that Prize Old Ale is at its best after 20 years of maturing." -- importer

Missouri did very well in this blind tasting!

Blind-Tasting and Ranking 35 of the Best American Saisons
American saisons from funky to tart
By Jim Vorel

Of the top 20, we have a number in our store

1. Side Project Brewing Saison Du Blé  (not available, Side Project Cellar only)
City: St. Louis, MO

2. Prairie Artisan Ales, “Prairie Ale”  (in stock)
City: Tulsa, OK

3. Side Project Brewing Saison Du Fermier  
 (not available, Side Project Cellar only)
St. Louis, MO

4. Prairie Artisan Ales Somewhere  (arrives tomorrow!)
City: Tulsa, OK

5. Brewery Ommegang Hennepin  
 (in stock)
City: Cooperstown, NY

6. Boulevard Brewing Co. Tank 7   
 (in stock)
City: Kansas City, MO

7. Crooked Stave Vielle Artisanal Saison    
 (in stock)
City: Denver, CO

11. Crooked Stave Surette Provision Saison   
 (in stock)
City: Denver, CO

12. 2nd Shift Mullineaux Batch 3   (we are on batch #5)
St. Louis, MO

13. Firestone Walker Opal  
 (in stock)
City: Paso Robles, CA

16. 2nd Shift Brewing Mullineaux Batch #2   
 (in stock)
St. Louis, MO

18. Urban Chestnut Apotheosis   
 (in stock)
St. Louis, MO

Click here to read the full article

This one arrives this week
4. Prairie Artisan Ales Somewhere
City: Tulsa, OK
ABV: 7%
Key ingredients: Citrus fruit
The verdict: Lighter bodied than one would expect for 7% ABV, Prairie’s “Somewhere” is a moderately tart, refreshing, highly fruity blend of farmhouse ale and American sour. The aromatics are uniquely tropical, with a blast of melon and citrusy notes presumably imparted by the use of whole citrus fruit in the kettle. A detractor might accuse it of going a little one-note on tartness and fruit flavors, but we couldn’t deny how tasty this juicy sweet blend was. With more than a little residual sweetness, it manages to still be refreshing thanks to that solid backbone of sourness. Classic saison characteristics are tougher to pick up, with just a hint of spice and grain that can be perceived behind it all. Still, delicious stuff for lovers of fruity sours.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Meiomi scores big on the 2013 vintages

Meiomi Scores Big!
Back up the truck we have the 92 Point Meoimi Pinot Noir and 90 Point Meiomi Chardnnay On-Sale for only $16.99. Price good through May.

2013 Meiomi Chardonnay...$16.99
"Showcases rich tropical fruit, with dashes of mango, marmalade and honeyed citrus that coat the palate while remaining elegant and delicate. A noteworthy achievement."
Rated 90/100 The Wine Spectator

2013 Meiomi Pinot Noir...$16.99
Offers an exciting interplay of berry, oak, earth and spice notes. This is rich yet medium-weight, with subtle edges to the blueberry, raspberry, mocha and fresh-turned earth flavors, ending with a tasty melted black licorice aftertaste.
Rated 92/100 The Wine Spectator

2012 Shafer Wines have arrived!

New releases from Shafer

Is there a more consistently great winery in Napa - I say......NO! -Robert Parker (via twitter)

We had a great time tasting through the new releases from Shafer earlier this week, and we could not agree more with Mr. Parker, Shafer is at the top of their game and have been for decades.

2012 Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay...53.99
The 2012 Chardonnay Red Shoulder Ranch was a smaller crop for Chardonnay than the 2013, and shows the mandarin orange characteristics with tropical fruit such as pineapple and subtle hints of peach and delicate background smoke. It’s medium to full-bodied, lively, and should drink well for another 3-4 years.
Rated 92/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

2012 Shafer Napa Valley Merlot...$53.99
The 2012 Merlot, which comes in at 15.5% natural alcohol, is a beauty. It’s 91% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest a touch of Malbec. The wine reveals notes of black cherries, tobacco leaf, mocha and darker-berried fruit with a hint of white chocolate. It’s ripe, medium to full-bodied, but fresh, elegant and well-delineated. This beauty should drink well for a decade or more
Rated 92/100 The Wine Spectator
Rated 90/100 Robert Parker
, The Wine Advocate

2012 Shafer Cabernet One Point Five Stags Leap...$82.99
The 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon One Pint Five is a big-time winner, a blend of almost all Cabernet Sauvignon with a touch of Malbec and Petit Verdot. The wine has an opaque bluish/purple color, almost indigo, and is full-bodied with dense chocolaty crème de cassis notes, licorice and a touch of minerality. The wine has well-integrated wood, is full and seems balanced and rich enough to age for two decades or more.
Rated 94/100 Robert Parker
, The Wine Advocate

Ardbeg Odyssey Tour is stopping at The Wine and Cheese Place

Ardbeg Odyssey Tour is stopping 
at The Wine and Cheese Place
Friday May 15 from 4pm -6:30pm

More details to follow - save the date
We will be tasting Ardbeg Scotch also

Rustichella Fregola Sarda

In stock now at Forsyth.
Rustichella Fregola Sarda
Fregola (FRAY-goh-la) is a Sardinian pasta similar to couscous, but with a rougher texture. It is lightly toasted, giving it a nutty flavor. The pasta is formed into small round balls about the size of Israeli couscous, and is used in pasta salads, pilafs, soups, and stews.

What makes all of the Rustichella pastas special? They say it is the wheat and the water, and these things are important. Also, important is the time it takes to air dry the pasta, 40 – 60 hours! Most pasta is quickly dried in ovens which affect the tooth, the flavor of the wheat, and the overall yield of the product. The quality of this product is measured by the superior attention to detail that Rustichella affords their products. When you have a product with such a small number of ingredients, every detail counts.

Try the healthy minestrone soup that might just help you live to 100!

From Today Food

  • 1/2 cup dried peeled fava beans
  • ½ cup dried cranberry beans
  • 1⁄3 cup dried chickpeas
  • 7 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 medium yellow or white onion, chopped (about 1 cup)
  • 2 medium carrots, peeled and chopped (about 2⁄3 cup)
  • 2 medium celery stalks, chopped (about ½ cup)
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1 (28-ounce) can crushed tomatoes (about 3½ cups)
  • 3 medium yellow potatoes, peeled and diced (about 1½ cups)
  • 1½ cups chopped fennel
  • ¼ cup loosely packed fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley leaves, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil leaves
  • 2⁄3 cup of Sardinian fregula, Israeli couscous, or acini di pepe pasta
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • ¼ cup finely grated pecorino Romano (about 2 ounces)

Camembert - from the cheese Rock Star

Rudolphe Le Meunier Camembert 
- in stock now at our Forsyth location

"Rodolphe Le Meunier, as we have mentioned, may be the Jimmy Page of the cheese world, a third-generation affineur who won the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, which is kind of like the Olympic gold medal for French cheesemongers and other craftspeople, at an age where most of his peers were still learning the difference between a Langres and a Saint-Marcellin." - The L.A. Times
"Rodolphe Le cheese circles, he’s a rock star. The 39-year-old from the Loire Valley is the third generation of his family to be in the business. In 2007, he was named both the best cheesemonger in France and the world’s best cheesemonger by different organizations. Le Meunier has also won the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France, the Olympics of French craftsmen, held every four years." -- The L.A. Times

Rodolphe Le Meunier is an expert cheesemonger that purchases young cheese from quality producers when the cheese is only about 2 weeks old. He then takes the cheese back to his facility in the Loire Valley and ages the cheese to his specifications. He then releases them when he thinks they are ready.

The Wine and Cheese Place 9th Annual Beer Fest 2015 - May 9th

Our 9th Annual!!

Coming back this year, we will have our friends from 
Seoul Taco bringing their Truck for food this year!

Save the date! May 9th, 2015
Limited Session 12pm-1pm  $12 per person - SOLD OUT (sold through BRC).  You will also get a commemorative Schlafly Tasting glass. 

Open Session 1pm-3pm       $7 per person - reservations not required just show up at 1pm.
Please let us know on Facebook if you are coming

The first 100 people to arrive for the open session will get a Schlafly commemorative glass!  

We will keep adding to the list and beers get confirmed.  The list is subject to changed based on availability.   

 *** - Tasting only - not for sale.    There will be many beers that will be available for tasting only and not for sale.  This is the brewery's and our way of saying thank you for your support.  A chance to try some limited releases.

Leaky Roof Meadery - Missouri

  • Gandy Dancer: This mead is a base for many of our products. Containing only the essential ingredients. Honey, yeast, and water. This beverage shows you the depth of flavor, from our organic wildflower honey.
  • High Dry and Dusty:  Our ginger methyglin. It is a sessionable, dry and slightly carbonated mead reminiscent of a very dry ginger ale. Bright, crisp and spicy, this mead can clear a palette and leave it feeling refreshed and thirsty for more. Exceptionably good over ice, this mead is perfect for a hot day in Missouri
  • Berry Picker:  Our super berry melomel. It is a session-strength, petillant and sweet mead made from a blend of wildflower honey with strawberries, blueberries, blackberrries and red raspberries. This beverage is sweet, but not too sweet, fruity and an explosion of fresh berry flavor.
  • Mikado:  honey, green tea, and mint

4 Hands Brewing - Missouri

  • 4 Hands Super Flare: *** Collaboration with Wicked Weed. Brett IPA with mango, guava, mosaic, galaxy hops.
  • 4 Hands Madagascar: *** This Imperial Milk Stout was aged in bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans. Madagascar pours a dark black with notes of bourbon, chocolate, and vanilla.
  • 4 Hands Opus: *** Opus is a saison brewed with tea and fruit. The perfect accompaniment to the warmer months, this farmhouse style has a bright, citrusy aroma with notes of tea and spice. Opus pours golden in color with a firm white head.
  • 4 Hands Send Help: Send Help was made in collaboration with Randy Ploesser, Todd Bratrud, and Send Help Skateboards. It is an extremely crushable, dry-hopped blonde ale. Pouring straw in color with a crisp bitterness and an abundance of hop aroma, Send Help is the go-to beer for summer.

IBU - Distributor

  • Evil Twin Molotov Lite:  Molotov Lite is a understated tour de force in rebellious hoppiness, it’s a subtle spark for action and yet by far one of the most anti-authoritative beers ever made by Evil Twin Brewing.
  • Evil Twin Citra Sunshine Slacker: Citra Session IPA
  • Evil Twin Soft DK: This stout looks like soft dookie and some will say it smells and tastes like it too. If you like a thick, creamy and utterly vanillalicious stout you’ll like this one. If you don’t, get yourself something else instead.
  • Stillwater Cellar Door: American Farmhouse Ale with a blend of Sterling & Citra hops
  • Stillwater Mono: Galaxy Dry Hopped Pilsner
  • Stilleater Projector: Imperial Rice India Pale Ale
  • Horny Goat Hopped Up n Horny
  • Horny Goat Horny Blonde
  • Horny Goat Watermelon Wheat
  • Horny Goat Laka Laka Pineapple Hefe
  • Against the Grain Sho' Nuff CANS - coming soon
  • Hermitage Hoptopia

Oskar Blues - Colorado
  • Dale's Pale Ale
  • Gubna Imperial IPA
  • Oskar Blues Collab with Sun King Brewing:  *** The Deuce is the second CANlaboration between OB and Sun King Brewing Co. from Indianapolis. A hopped up American Brown Ale, The Deuce was made with Colorado grown and malted barley from Colorado Malting Co. as well as popcorn from Indiana. Hopping with 100% Galaxy hops from Australia give a strong flavor of citrus and passion fruit that complements the dark malts very well.
Urban Chestnut Brewing - Missouri

  • Urbanator: UCBC’s Maifest Bier gives a nod to the tradition of the German annual rite of Spring, but as a Pale Doppelbock it fundamentally changes the “ator" style of Bock Biers in our own, explicitly Urban way.
  • De Bockle: Ah there once was a Belgian from Uccle, who liked to eat frites with his broth full of cockle. And though he was from near Ghent, and liked his grain well spent. His brewing ability matched his name of De Bockle. (This beer though is actually pretty darn good).
  • Maximilian: Maximilian I, Duke of Bavaria, was responsible for the permittance of wheat being used in German brewing. As such, we pay our respects to old Max with this traditional Weizenbock ~ a Bock Bier brewed with both wheat malt and a Weiss(wheat)bier yeast strain.
  • Oxnbräu: When considering the physical attributes of an Ox, one might use similar words to describe this traditional Doppelbock. While we can’t (technically) describe this beer using those powerful adjectives, we can say it’s quite likely you’ll also enjoy this Lager Bier for its sweet & malty character.
Cathedral Square Brewing - Missouri
  • Repent Rye IPA
  • Holy Moly Imperial Stout
  • Gabriel Imperial IPA
  • DiVine Correlation collab with Crown Valley Sour Saison aged in Red Wine Barrels.

Sierra Nevada - California
  • Sierra Nevada Hoptimum
  • Sierra Nevada Terra Incognita
  • Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Kolsch
  • Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss
  • Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner

Boulevard / Ommegang - Missouri and New York

  • Red IPA: *** Punchy, dank, and luscious. Might make you see red, but only when you pour it in a glass
  • Boulevard Heavy Lifting IPA
  • Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler
  • Boulevard Tank 7
  • Boulevard The Calling
  • Boulevard Tasting Room Red IPA 
  • Ommegang 3 Philosophers (vertical)
  • Ommegang Witte 
  • Ommegang Rare Vos
  • Ommegang Hennepin
  • Ommegang Gnomegang
Charleville Brewing - Missouri
  • Hoptimistic
  • Half Wit 
  • 2015 Barleywine

New Belgium Brewery - Colorado
  • Lips of Faith Pear Ginger: Our latest Lips of Faith release updates the Victorian-era ginger beer with whimsical additions of pear and lemon peel, creating a zesty, invigorating summer sipper crafted for beer glasses and mixologists’ cocktail shakers alike. Warming, spicy ginger punctuates a lively wash of sunny lemon, pear and bready white wheat for a sip that starts sweet, but finishes with just the right amount of heat. Drink it straight, no chaser, or put a new spin on a classic gimlet—either way, shake it up this season with Pear Ginger Beer.
  • Slow Ride Session IPA
  • Fat Tire Amber Ale
  • Ranger IPA
  • Snapshot Wheat Beer

Kirkwood Station - MIssouri
  • Blackberry Wheat
  • IPA
  • Midnight Train

Bells Brewing - Michigan

  • Bell's Boiling Pot Ale: ***  Boiling Pot Ale is a specialty from the brewery, it is a 4.3% ABV Session Pale Ale.  It is a blend of Pacific NW Hops. First brewed in 2013 to explore the use of oats in a pale beer, the 2014 version has been tweaked to pair the silky malted oat character with powerful hop aromatics creating a hop forward session ale.  Stone fruit, citrus zest, grassy, pungent notes from a blend of classic & modern Pacific Northwest hops in this oat-based pale ale
  • Bell's Lager of the Lakes
  • Bell's Oberon
  • Bell's Two Hearted

Founders Brewing - Michigan
  • Founders KBS ***
  • Founders All Day IPA
  • Founders Dirty Bastard
  • Founders Rubaeus
  • Founders Centennial IPA

Global Beer - importer

  • Petrus Aged Pale
  • Petrus Aged Red
  • Monks Cafe Sour
  • Gulden Draak Brewmaster Reserve 
  • Kasteel Trignac (Tripel aged in Cognac): *** The first Tripel matured in Cognac Barrels. Thrill to that full, rounded taste, that delicate touch of cognac and the smooth, bitter aftertaste of this unique gourmet beer. Trignac is a real collector’s item. Only a limited edition of Trignac is brewed.

Deschutes Brewing - Oregon

  • Deschutes Super Jubel 2015  ***
  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
  • Deschutes Chainbreaker
  • Deschutes Mirror Pond

Shelton Brothers - importer

  • Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Ale
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Standard
  • Pretty Things Jack D'or
  • Pretty Things Meadowlark
  • Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere
  • Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca
  • Mikkeller Wit Fit
  • Mikkeller Simcoe IPA 
  • North Peak Archangel
  • Anchorage Galaxy IPA

Public House - Missouri

  • Public House Rod's Cream Ale
  • Public House Hide and Seek Hefeweizen
  • Public House Elusive IPA
  • Public House Revelation Stout

Alpha Brewing - Missouri

  • Pope Mob-ale: Brett Cream Ale.  Solid Brett character, malty, not hoppy. Aged 5 months
  • Xenu XIPA
  • Hop, Lock & Drop It: All Citra Pape Ale. Fruity, dry hopped. Sessionable. 

    Schlafly Brewing - Missouri
    • Schlafly IBEX release *** 
    • Schlafly Raspberry Hefe
    • Schlafly Award Winning Kolsch
    • Schlafly Belgian Golden Ale
    • Schlafly AIPA
    • Schlafly Imperial  ?TBA (tap room only beer) *** 

    Side Project Brewing - Missouri

    Perennial Artisan Ales - Missouri

    • Aria
    • Saison de Lis
    • Funky Wit (their first Foudre release)  *** 
    • Surprise special limited release bottles  *** 
    Crown Valley Brewing - Missouri

    • Saloon Door Saison: Traditional farmhouse style ale, 5.8% ABV
    • Gunslinger- Double IPA 93 IBU, 9% ABV
    • Strawberry Cider
    • Blackberry Cider

    Artisanal Imports - importer

    • La Trappe Witte 
    • La Trappe Quad 
    • La Trappe Tripel 
    • La Trappe Dubbel 
    • St. Feuillien Saison cans
    • Iron Maiden TROOPER cans
    • EZ Orchards Cider

    Logboat Brewing - Missouri

    • Barrel Aged Loghands (our collaboration with 4 Hands Brewing) ***  LogHands is a Belgian Saison with a very distinct hop profile. Ample amounts of Nelson Sauvin, Styrian Bobek, and Simcoe hops give this straw/golden-hued brew a piney backbone with a citrus fruit finish. The Belgian Saison yeast strain adds a spicy dimension which complements the fruity/piney hop flavors and aromas.
    • Bear Hair Belgian Blonde Ale  *** 
    • Snapper IPA: ***  This easy drinking IPA is loaded up with El Dorado and Columbus hops. Notes of pear, peach, and pine. German crystal malt evens out the bitterness for a well-balanced beer.
    • Mamoot Mild Ale :  ***  Mamoot is the brown ale’s laid-back brother, a perfect breakfast beer. Subtle notes of jam, chocolate and coffee add to the toasty finish. This is a full-flavored brew, despite being a sessionable 4% alcohol by volume.

    2nd Shift Brewing - Missouri

    • Green Bird Gose first batch of the season   ***
    • Coffee LSD special one off keg ***
    • Mullineaux #5
    • Art of Neurosis

    Excel Brewing - Illinois

    • El Pistolero: Mexican Style Vienna Lager
    • East Side IPA: West Coast Style IPA
    • South Side Stout: American Stout
    • Böse Roggen: Rye Schwarzbier

    Goose Island - Illinois

    • Goose Island IPA
    • Goose Island Summer Ale
    • Goose Island Sofie
    • Goose Island Matilda
    • Goose Island Gillian *** 
    • Goose Island Juliet *** 
    • Goose Island Barleywine *** 
    • Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee *** 
    O'Fallon - Missouri

    • Zeke's Pale Ale
    • Strawberry Best
    • Kite Tail Ale

    Abita Brewing - New Orleans

    • Abita Strawberry
    • Abita Andygator
    • Abita Purple Haze

    more coming......

    Redstone Mead in CANS

    3 flavors in cans now!

    Redstone Mead Black Raspberry....$8.99 / 16oz CAN
    Medium Sweet
    8% Alcohol
    5 parts Clover honey, 1 part Wildflower honey
    Black raspberries added after the fermentation is completed
    Food Pairings: Mild cheeses, barbeque, and as a mixer in cocktails and more!
    Staff Notes: Our 1st mead on the market, and still our best seller today!

    Redstone Mead Nectar of the Hops...$8.99 / 16oz CAN
    A dry hopped version of our Nectar! Intriguing blend of hoppiness and honey.
    Redstone Mead Sunshine Nectar with Apricots....$8.99 / 16oz CAN
    Made with the addition of Apricots for a dry, tart, more traditional-tasting mead.

    Saturday, May 2, 2015

    Southern Tier Sonnet with Lemongrass

    Southern Tier Sonnet with Lemongrass...$7.99 / 750ml
    With the addition of lemongrass, one expects a spicy, peppery and lemon aroma, with citrus and subtle hop character. Looking at the beer through a stemmed glass, you’ll notice pale straw-gold color and a thick and rocky white head with persistent lacing. Of course, because the 750ml bottle is conditioned, some haziness is to be expected. When pouring the bottle, be aware that some sediment may be present. Pour carefully to avoid this, or don’t. The choice is yours.

    As we did throughout this series, our in-house art director teamed up with Nate Duval for this label. They were aiming high for a majestic, ‘steampunk Cloud City,’ hidden from view and reachable only by the most intrepid travelers. We think they nailed it.

    Southern Tier Compass is back!

    Southern Tier Compass Imperial Sparkling Ale...$6.49 / 22oz
    We rely on age-old tools in the brewery despite being surrounded by high technology. As a sort of compass, we use the six pointed brewer’s star to help navigate uncharted brews. The cardinal points of water, malt, grain, yeast, hops and a brewer make the baseline. From there anything goes. Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.

    You’ll notice a slight bitterness in Compass derived from our use of rose hips accentuated by high effervescence. Drink it cold from a fluted or tulip glass. And by all means, avoid sea serpents.

    Tangier - Session IPA with Tangerine Peels

    Southern Tier Tangier - Session IPA with Tangerine Peels...$8.99 / 6pk
    Where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean is the ancient city of Tangier. This confluence has made Tangier a cultural waypoint for millenia. From Greek heroes to Cold War spies and uprisings, Tangier has inspired thousands of legendary stories. It is written that before his battle with the giant Antaeus, Hercules rested in a nearby cave. But where myths end, our tale begins. Tangier is brewed as a Session India Pale Ale with spicy citrus aromas and stone fruit flavors. These flavors, with the addition of lightly roasted malts and brilliant hop bitterness, make Tangier a beverage as refreshing as it is exotic. The approachable 5.1% abv yields more time to enjoy the synergy between the tangerine peel and spicy, citrusy, Azacca hops. Enjoy Tangier in celebration of your epic adventure.

    4 Hands Brewing City of Dreams

    In stock for the season!
    In stock at all 4 stores now
    Bottled 4/24/15

    4 Hands Brewing City of Dreams American Pale Ale...$6.59 / 22oz
    "City of Dreams is a generously hopped American Pale Ale.  El Dorado, Centennial, and Amarillo hops lend this beer a bright, citrusy aroma with hints of tropical fruit.  These mouthwatering hops are balanced by a smooth malt base, resulting in a flavorful and well-rounded summer beer." - label

    Forsyth Location cheese feature: Alsatian - Munster cheese

    Haxaire Petit Munster
    Made on both sides of the Vosges mountains, and formerly named "Munster" on the Alsace side and "Gerome" on the Lorraine side, they were united in 1978 under AOC denomination (protected name status). The origin of this cheese can be traced back to the Middle Ages.
    The milk for production of Munster Gerome comes from the Vosgiennes cows, a breed that was imported from Scandanavia in the 18th century and is known for the high protein content of their milk. Cheeses come in both pasteurized or raw versions and production can be fermier, cooperative, or industriel.
    AOC regulations dictate that all cheeses must be matured within a designated area and that the minimum time for aging is three weeks before release, although ten weeks is more normal. (In the case of Petit Munster, the minimum time is two weeks.)

    Rind and aroma are the keys to Munster's maturity. Young cheeses have a pale rind that is pinkish-white in color, soft, but relatively dry and not overly pungent. As the cheeses age and receive their regular brine washes, the rind is transformed to a rich, red-orange color with a distinctly sticky (but not slimy) surface and an assertive, pungent smell that (love it or loathe it) cannot be ignored.

    When young, the texture of a ripe Munster Gerome is pale cream in color, firm (yet smooth) and slightly brittle. With age, the bacterial activity of the rind transforms the texture into a luscious, soft, meltingly unctuous paste and the color darkens slightly.

    Flavors of Munster Gerome are very rich, smooth and slightly tangy on the finish. Cheeses pair very well with crisp white Alsacian whites or dessert wines. - Culture Magazine

    Pair Munster with this Alsatian Gewurtzraminer

    2010 Domaine Ehrhart Gewuztraminer Grand Cru Hengst..$19.99
    We are by far the Lowest price in the Country on Wine-Searcher
    Compare to $33 Wine Spectator Suggested Retail price.

    Lightly floral, with apple blossom and honeysuckle notes, this is open-knit, offering fresh flavors of apricot, lychee, kumquat, spice and herb. Hints of smoke and Grand Marnier liqueur linger on the finish. Drink now through 2020. 100 cases imported.
    Rated 90/100 The Wine Spectator

    Forsyth Cheese Feature: Rudolphe Le Meunier Cremeaux des Citeaux

    Come in for taste triple cream lovers!

    Fantastic new TRIPLE CREAM!
    Rudolphe Le Meunier

    Cremeaux des Citeaux
    The Crémeux des Cîteaux is a triple cream cheese that takes its name from the Cistercian abbey in Gilly-lès-Cîteaux in Burgundy and located founded by Cistercian monks in 1098. The name comes from the creamy texture of the cheese when is mature. The Crémeux des Cîteaux is made from whole cow's milk selected among the best pastures of Burgundy by the only cheese factory located in Gilly-les-Cîteaux since 1969.

    Made in the spirit of a Brillat-Savarin, the Crémeux des Cîteaux sports a virgin rind and an ivory interior that feels whipped cream. The secret of this cheese is that it must be extensively refined to obtain this concentrate the flavor and creamy texture in the mouth.
    Taste and texture:  The Crémeux des Cîteaux has a milky aroma and butter. More cheese is matured, its flavor is more refined and the taste will linger in your mouth.This is a cream cheese which spontaneously and slowly flows into the spoon when it is refined.

    Forsyth location Cheese Feature: Tomme Crayeuse

    Each of our stores carries a different selection
    Come in for a taste as all of our cheese is fresh cut

    Schmidhauser Cheeses from the Rhône-Alpes
    Schmidhauser Tomme Crayeuse
    In 1996, Max stumbled upon what is now the company’s trademark cheese – Tomme Crayeuse. Its creation was purely accidental – they were looking to improve on a Tomme de Savoie recipe – a cheese they found to be a bit dull. During one of the first iterations of the experiment, the wheel was cut open to reveal a chalky interior with a more supple paste near the rind. The cheese was a resounding success; everyone who tasted it praised the cheese for its dual textures. Max chose the the word “crayeuse” as it literally translates to “chalky.”

    Our Tomme Crayeuse is made from raw milk. The first thing you’ll notice about the cheese is how striking the rind is, it might look intimidating to the untrained eye, but to a cheese-hound, this rind is a thing of beauty. Natural rinds on cave aged cheeses take to whatever is in the air, so on any one wheel of cheese you might have twenty different strains of molds present. The result is a velvety soft rind, with a patchwork exterior of yellow, gray, brown and white molds.

    Cutting the wheel open reveals the dual nature of the cheese. The rind surrounds a half to full inch of soft pliable cheese – more akin to a brie or camembert than a tomme, while the center of the cheese remains dense, fresh, and “chalky.”

    Tasting Notes: The aroma is heady with barnyardy notes of hay, fresh grass and terragon. The smooth paste next to the rind is mushroomy, and rich, with the “chalky” interior being fresh, milky and pleasantly tart. The finish is long and clean with a buttery aftertaste.

    Forsyth location Cheese Feature: Zingerman's Manchester

    Forsyth location Cheese Feature: Zingerman's Manchester

    Zingerman's Creamery The Manchester
    INGREDIENTS Pasteurized Cow's Milk With Added Cream
    The Manchester draws it origins from a soft-ripened double cream cheese along the Welsh-English border, but through process differences (both intentional and unintentional), no longer bares any resemblance to its very distant cousin. Through gentle pasteurization and slow culturing of the milk, the Manchester retains an amazing expression of the character of the milk used to make it. The milk is pasteurized and heavy cream, bacterial cultures, and geotrichum mold are added and the milk is allowed to ripen for several hours. The geotrichum mold will grow on the surface of the cheese as it ages to give the surface a gentle wrinkled rind and help develop the cheese's savory, earthy flavor.

    Serving Suggestions
    The Manchester can be eaten at a variety of ages. At one week, the cheese retains a rich mousse like texture with a soft yogurt flavor. By week three, the cheese becomes denser with soft creaming around the edges and the farm flavors become more pronounced. The Manchester, when soft, is best on a French baguette with chutney and tomato. Because of the added cream, the aged version is firm and dense but slices very well and can be served with oatcakes or crackers and chutney (particularly Bushe Browne's Banana Chutney). The cheese can also be baked in a puff pastry.

    New Bacon

    In stock at Forsyth now!

    Berkwood Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon...$9.99 / 12oz

    Berkwood Farm’s producers raise their animals in a healthy, environmentally friendly manner, and have all committed themselves to a strict code of responsible and humane animal husbandry. As a farmer-owned company, we take the need to ensure customer satisfaction with our product personally.
    • Voted Best Bacon & People’s Choice: Keystone, CO Baconfest (2012, 2013) andDes Moines, IA Baconfest (20+k people, 2014)
    • Uncured with no added nitrates or nitrites except those naturally occurring in celery salt.
    • 100% Berkshire Pork
    • Bellies injected with a special brine formula.
    • Thick cut.
    • Pan fry for best results.

    New Ballas Cheese Feature: Maytag Blue

    New Ballas Location Cheese Feature : Maytag Blue Cheese

    Cut fresh to order as it has been at The Wine and Cheese Place for 33+ years...

    Come in for  taste!

    Maytag Blue Cheese - Iowa
    On October 11, 1941, the first wheels of Maytag Blue Cheese were formed and put to age in our caves. Not much has changed since then, although our truck is newer and our cheesemakers are older! Today, we still make each wheel by hand, aging it in our caves twice as long as most other blue cheeses. After all, why change a good thing?
    Acclaimed by cheese experts and food editors as America's finest blue cheese, Maytag Blue Cheese ranks among the world's great cheeses. Fred Maytag II, who succeeded his father in 1940, heard about a new process for making blue cheese that was developed by Iowa State University. We still use this process today. It is a time-consuming method of hand making cheese in small batches, using fresh sweet milk from Iowa dairy farms. Each batch of cheese is carefully monitored during the long months of aging, until the peak of flavor is reached and it is finally ready for market.